Russell Jr: Haney bit off more than he can swallow

With Gary Russell Jr embroiled in a few social media beefs as of late — the most recent being Devin Haney who’s accused Russell of only pretending to want to fight — Russell says he fully intends to fight Haney once they get some contract details ironed out.

“Ain’t no cappin’ going on. This shit real, we just getting everything situated on our end. To the fans, to the people who want to know, they definitely did send a contract over. We just putting in the particulars that we want, based upon the fact that if I beat his lil’ ass, the rematch is on our terms. Whatever network of our deciding.

“So we just getting the particulars ready. All that shit about somebody cappin’, ain’t nobody mothafuckin’ cappin’. We in this mothafucker grinding. This shit real. You gonna get your lil’ ass scorched and you don’t even know it. You don’t even know it, shorty. You done bit off a lil’ more than you can swallow. This shit about to get real ugly real soon.”

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